Ponte Della Zingola

        Ponte Della Zingola is located at the confluence of two mountain streams in the marble quarrying district at the northwest corner of Tuscany, near the town of Pietrasanta. The restored house and stone-cutting mill were originally built in stages in the 18th and 19th centuries as part of a statuary marble operation. On the grounds are terraced gardens overlooking waterfalls, a patio with a pizza oven, and a marble ping-pong table. The house in nestled in a quiet valley at the foot of centuries-old quarry roads, on the border of the Apuan Alps National Park with its extensive network of well-maintained hiking trails. The house is also only 20 minutes from the popular and lively beach at Forte dei Marmi, 15 minutes from the artistic center of Pietrasanta, and 90 minutes to either Florence or Genoa.

        Pietrasanta is a town in the Versilia region of Tuscany, 45 km north of Pisa. Founded as a military outpost in the 12th century, it became involved in the stone industry in the 16th century with some help from Michelangelo. Since the 19th century, it has been a major center for artistic work in stone. Expanding upon the traditional work in marble carving, bronze casting, and mosaics (all historically developed for religious art), the town became a center for the production of modern art as well in the 1950’s, with the arrival of Moore, Noguchi, Arp and others. Artists now come from all over the world to do sculpture in stone and bronze, as well as painting, printmaking, ceramics and photography.

        Music is also an important part of the local cultural life, with two major summer programs. The site of Puccini’s summer home at Torre Del Lago is home to an opera festival, and the Versiliana festival presents a variety of visual art, music, theater, and literary events.

        Ponte Della Zingola provides an idyllic vacation setting for families or groups of professional artists, nature lovers, or dedicated tourists. The rental unit (top two floors of the building on the right) has four bedrooms --- three doubles and one child-sized single. The newly-remodeled open kitchen features locally-quarried marble, hand-crafted chestnut cabinets, and a new 4-burner range and oven. There are two full baths and a laundry room with a washing machine. Studio space is available on the premises for painting or small sculpture and at a nearby facility for large-scale sculpture. To inquire about availability or for further information about the house or the local area, send email to schaffer.sculpture@gmail.com, or call Craig Schaffer or Mary Clark at 202-362-4507 (in the US).